5 Closet Secrets from a Professional Organizer

February 25 2015
Dream Closet Organization

Remember, I’m an organizer, so a disorganized closet doesn’t stress me out.

In fact, when I work with clients on their closets, one of the first tips I offer is about organizing systems. I also help them decide what they should keep and what should go. But best of all, I offer organizer secrets to help them maintain the beautiful masterpiece we have created by the end of our time together.

Here are a few secrets for you, especially since spring cleaning is – tentatively – on the way:

  1. If you’re going it alone, don’t expect to do the entire closet in one afternoon. Break up your closet into small projects. Do pants one day, shoes the next. If this takes too long, who you gonna call? That’s right – Sort It Out Boston! I’m as cheery as I am organized. But better than that, you’ll have help. Just don’t pull everything out and plop it on your bed, expecting to have it all done in two hours.
  2. Do your stacked sweaters topple out of your closet?Stacks often fall over and I’d recommend a clothing organizer instead, to keep you sane. The support of a simple, clear plastic organizer will keep everything in its place.
  3. Not six feet tall? Keep a low step-stool in your closet to reach your top shelf. That way, you won’t tip the stack forward to get the tippetty-top sweater. Just something simple from Target will do.
  4. Use your wall space. Purses are the perfect candidates for either hooks on your wall or, if the straps are multi-sized, a belt rack.
  5. Don’t use color coding. It’s too much organizing—don’t quote me! Instead, group like items together so you know where to look.

If you find there’s no time for organizing your closet but it has reached a critical need – call me! (617-332-7500) I work in the Boston area and I’ve visited many closets in every town out there. Send an email if that’s easier: pat@sortitoutboston.com

I look forward to working with you!




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