September 23 2015

Many organizing tips for keeping a neat closet often are directed at women but men need a well-designed and organized space, too.

  1. All closets look best with identical hangers. For men, plain, wooden hangers are my suggestion. They’re also easier on clothing. But sweaters? They’ll become misshapen. Instead, he should plan to stack his sweaters on built-in shelving.
  2. Many closets offer a space for long-hanging items, like formal dresses or coats. Keep his coats in the hall closet and install an extra rod just below the lowest-hanging hem of the longest piece of clothing. On this second rod, he can hang his dress shirts and collared shirts. Better to maximize all the vertical space and increase your storage capacity.
  3. Believe it or not, he probably has a lot of shoes. Many men line them up on the floor and call it “neat,” which they are, but I think it’s best to organize them on shelves. He should create shoe shelving within his closet unit by decreasing the amount of space between shelves.
  4. He also probably has a lot of ties – use a slide-out tie rack. It’s the best system to select ties easily, and like your scarves, nobody has time to waste hunting through a pile.
  5. He probably wishes he had a pant rack to maintain a sharp crease, especially after it comes back from the dry cleaner. Get one for him and surprise him by hanging it up yourself, or call Sort It Out Now to assist: 617-332-7500.

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