5 Tips for Organizing Your Desk

May 20 2015

When you sit down at your desk to work, are you overwhelmed or distracted? Do you have to search for what you need? Do you take time during your work week to declutter?

The best part about organizing, I always say, is the great way you feel afterward. And let’s face it, nobody enjoys working at a messy desk. Mess does get in the way of creative thinking and it can slow down our production, too.

How to organize your desk? Keep these simple tips in mind:

  1. Start the decluttering. If you have to go through paperwork and file, then do that first. Do you need to recycle? Bring in your recycle box or shredder and get to work. Give yourself 30 minutes of focused decluttering and I bet you’ll be done sooner.
  2. Try and store as much as possible so that the top of your desk is clean and free of items. Keep the mementos to a minimum, just a few small framed photos. Place your “office tools” in an area, possibly next to an inbox/outbox. Don’t use one? It’s one of those tools that might never quite go away. We all have paper, even today with the emphasis on digital.
  3. Institute this new “rule”: When you pick up a piece of paper, give it a home. If you’re too busy, toss it in your inbox. At least it’ll be orderly and out of your way.
  4. Take a good look in your file drawer: Do you have files and paperwork that you could shred and recycle? Take the time to clear out some space for new files.
  5. Do you have a convenient strip to recharge your phone, ipad, and more? If you create a small charging station at your desk, you’ll always have everything at your fingertips.

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