5 Ways to Organize your Work Mornings

October 13 2015

Why only organize mornings? Because mornings offer a wonderful chunk of time that very easily slips away if we’re not careful. Who’s not tempted to go online? Meander through email? Make a doctor appointment? Instead, try this plan of attack and see how much more you can get completed:

  1. Get coffee first, if you partake, then start & finish the biggest task on your list. You probably already know what that task is. It’s been nagging at you on your commute, even last night. Do that first and make the big effort to complete the task fully. You’ll be so glad it’s off your plate.
  2. Now devote 15 minutes to email. Hop on your email with your day’s list alongside and add what needs adding onto your list and answer what needs answering. Don’t get cozy in your chair with your coffee during this 15 minute slot. It should be a fairly aggressive attempt to get this complete. This is the best way to organize. Think: “Tackle and complete.”
  3. Tackle the List. Before you tackle, break it up into segments of time and honor what you plan. Consider this an appointment with your work, and know it can’t be disrupted. Schedule meetings with others for a different time during the day, possibly after lunch.
  4. Take a break. At some point, give your brain a rest. Say hi to a colleague, refresh your coffee or tea, stretch your back.
  5. Before you leave for the day, write down the next day’s list. You probably already have a good head start, knowing the loose ends that couldn’t be tied. Start with those first. Jot down whatever else popped up that you need to take care of and leave this list on your desk, so that you know exactly what to tackle tomorrow. Leave all necessary materials underneath so you don’t have to “find that folder.” Now you’re ready to go home!

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