6 Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress

December 09 2014

Everybody already has their way of “doing the holidays,” but don’t fall prey to holiday stress. This year, try a different approach: Organize even the smallest tasks:

  1. Pay close attention to your calendar this month. It’s the best advice an organizer can give. That’s right, think of yourself as an Organizer, especially if you want to get everything done on time with a smile (because baking should be down-time) and without an anxiety attack.
  2. Schedule all the tasks you usually do on the fly. Like wrapping, filling out and sending the cards, running to the store for last minute gifts, buying wine, baking/cooking, getting the menorah down from the attic, putting up the tree. This is a list off the top of my head so you can imagine what else needs to be on there. But you’re getting it: Schedule thyself so that you’re “busy” as opposed to “running around harried” and not enjoying a special time of year.
  3. Delegate. If you live with others, enlist them. Can they drive? Can they clean? Can they lug the ornaments down the stairs? They’ve got to help you — the holidays don’t show up on the back of one person.
  4. Prioritize. If you’re popular and receive two invitations for the same night, can you realistically do both? Are the parties are close by, then sure, spend an hour here, an hour there, but don’t feel badly about not accepting an invite. Just be sure to RSVP early.
  5. Let yourself off the hook. Okay, say you’re burdened this month with extra deadlines and you just don’t want to send out the cards this year? Will it be terrible to skip a year and lighten the load? Of course not. Even if you’ve already bought the stamps. But knowing you, you bought the Forever stamps, and now you’re already getting organized for next year!
  6. Start early. As in this year — take the New England cue and get out your decorations sooner rather than later. Why? Your home will look festive and you’ll have one major item checked off your list. But more important, you’ll enjoy the time of decorating since you’re not rushing. And isn’t that what the holidays are for? Enjoying special time with our loved ones?


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