7 Tips for Helping Loved Ones Downsize to Prepare for Senior Relocation

February 01 2014

Senior relocation is a challenging task, but you can help your loved ones downsize to prepare for an easier move.

Here is a checklist with 7 tips to consider that will create a less stressful experience for your family:

1. Be prepared to listen

Think of senior relocation as a valuable opportunity to spend time with your parents or other loved ones.

Objects often carry priceless memories. Take a break together so you can hear about how they used to celebrate Christmas or what happened when they brought home their first child.

2. Break it down

Pace yourselves. Tackle one room at a time or even one section of a room. Go for easy victories first to build some momentum. Start with items that everyone wants to get rid of.

3. Sort first

For many people, it’s easier to sort through possessions than to dispose of them. It may also be a necessary initial step and make the rest of the process simpler.

4. Ask before touching anything

Be respectful and compassionate. Let your loved ones make decisions to the extent that they can. Ask for permission before you handle their prized possessions.

5. Minimize the maybe pile

On the other hand, difficult choices may be required. Maybe piles and junk drawers have a tendency to get out of hand. Aim for yes or no decisions. Identify items that can be given away now or pick out the favorite piece in a larger collection.

6. Offer praise

Be generous and sincere with your praise. Senior relocation is a major undertaking.

7. Enlist support with senior relocation

Ask other family members and professionals for the assistance you need. Share the responsibility equitably and consider paying for services when you need to free up your time and access more expertise.

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