8 Ways to Ignore Procrastination

September 09 2014

Most of us can get easily bogged down when faced with many tasks. Whether you’re moving or putting off organizing a messy closet, these simple tools will get you on your way:

  1. Get yourself a new color of pen for your daybook. This color of pen will be for the tasks that you’ve been avoiding or delaying and that need your time and attention. You will be using this pen to schedule yourself, so make sure you have a good mindset about seeing that color. Know you have to act.
  2. Start small. Have a practice run! Take one task that needs doing and schedule yourself. If it’s a big task, break it up into manageable chunks. When you see time slots available in your daybook, make good use of them .
  3. Reward yourself! Sometimes people don’t actually reward themselves. But do give yourself a small treat.
  4. One step forward, two steps back? Get back on the horse by doing another practice run with that pen. If you get into the habit of paying attention to your scheduling, procrastination will lose its hold over you. It’ll be enjoyable to feel the power of getting things done!
  5. Don’t listen to the “advice” that says, “I can do this tomorrow.” Unless you’ve got a really good reason to postpone a task, don’t. Or, “I work best under pressure.” Really? Who works best under pressure? People work best when they’re not stressed, when their thinking is sharp and clear.
  6. Remember to keep a task in proportion. Is it really as big as you’re making it? Could it be easier if you got some of it done today? Right now? Even if you only have five minutes free, imagine what you could get done!
  7. Always start with your hardest task. Dale Carnegie said, “Do the hardest jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves.”
  8. Keep that Nike slogan in the forefront of your mind when working. You’ll feel so much better.

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