November 01 2018
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Smooth Moves (part 2)

Senior living communities provide a unique living arrangement to a population in need. People challenged with the activities of daily living or in declining health can receive needed support and some level of medical supervision. These communities offer the comforts of home and ready-made social opportunities. They also present a challenge to many new residents – living in less space.

In this second in a series of Smooth Moves, we are sharing a most important tip for anyone moving into a senior living community:

Personalize the floor plan

The floor plan is undoubtedly the most important tool in the moving-to-a-senior-living-community tool box.

October 12 2018
Sort It Out Boston truck

Smooth Moves

In our many, many years of moving folks from one residence to another, we can probably say we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen most of it all, that’s for sure. Our experience and expertise in move management gives us the opportunity to share our skills with the loveliest people.  Sometimes the circumstances of the move are distressing, making one of life’s most stressful situations even more so.  It is always our goal to alleviate as much of that stress as possible.

September 14 2018
cork, white and chalk boards create a family command center

Take Command with a Family Command Center


School bells will soon be ringing, and with them the hectic pace that a new school year brings. Mounds of paper will flood backpacks, schedules will be bloated with sports, music lessons, school fundraisers and so much more. Don’t wait for the chaos to take over. Take control with a Family Command Center.
A few simple ideas will get your Family Command Center up and running in no time.

  1. Choose the right spot in your home.
September 13 2018
older adult creating an emergency plan

Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults

Each year, September is named National Preparedness Month. For much of the country, it is an active month for hurricanes. It is also an annual reminder to prepare for a natural disaster like a hurricane. While emergency preparations apply to people of all ages, older adults may have particular needs, and their preparations should reflect those needs.

Create an emergency kit. Basic items include a three-day supply of food and water, battery powered radio,