August 09 2014

Home Inspection Hints for the Seller

The pass/fail system of a home inspection is not really true – a house can’t fail inspection. A house might need lots and lots and lots of repairs, but it doesn’t fail. However, if a trustworthy inspector hands you a report that details all those repairs, you’ve got some work on your hands.

Instead of that scenario, get out your flashlight and take a look around your home, doing a “pre-inspection.” It might be worth it to hire your own house inspector before it goes on the market,

July 31 2014

How to Hire a Home Inspector in Massachusetts

We’re all pretty savvy by the time we get to be adults. But we still need advice from time to time, especially about topics such as choosing a home inspector. The obvious is important: Referrals from friends (not your realtor) is a good place to start.

What questions are important to ask a home inspector, on the interview?

Let’s start:

  • Okay, so Tom the Home Inspector has a proper license and he’s been in business “since the 2001 inception of the home inspector regulation in Massachusetts.” That’s what Tom should be trumpeting on his website.
July 23 2014

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent – for Listing

Most likely, you’ve got quite a number of real estate agents in your town. How do you choose and what are the criteria?

  • For starters, get recommendations from friends or others who have recently moved in your town. Are they friends with these agents or have they worked with them?
  • When you make the phone calls to arrange the interviews, what was your initial feeling when speaking with each agent?
July 18 2014

Eight Tips to Ease the Strain While Hunting for a New Home

Very few will say it’s easy to look for a new home. Here are eight ways to ease the stress of your home-hunting:

  • Bring snacks. Preferably water and some easy-to-pack protein, like cheese sticks or a yogurt to nosh on while you’re in the car. Pack your chilled items in a small cooler with an ice pack. How about a small container of hummus and crackers? Some non-drippy fruit like apples? Anything that will maintain your energy and momentum.
July 12 2014

Moving to a Smaller Space? How to Find New Homes for Your Many Books

There is a famous phrase, “books do furnish a room,” but what if you have too many? And are moving?

Too many books? I sense cringing. We all have love affairs with our books.

But look at it this way: If you have a cavernous home, or are moving into one, then by all means pack every book you own, even the big college texts, and tuck them lovingly into your private library stacks.