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March 31 2014

Tips From Professional Home Organizers: How to Declutter Your Home

As professional home organizers, we have seen every imaginable challenge when it comes to decluttering and organizing a home or office. What we have learned is that the biggest hurdle that most people have when they want to get organized is finally letting go of things that they no longer need or use.

There are usually two things that stop us when we are trying to declutter a space.


March 24 2014

Home Office Organizing You Can Live With

One of the biggest challenges in working from home is creating a home office space that works well for you. Moving stacks from one place to another, piling boxes in corners, or trying to fit everything in can be a challenge. Getting creative with your solutions can offer you the home office organization you need to stay on track.

Location, Location, Location
Just as if you were looking for office space outside the house,

March 17 2014

How to Start A Home Organizing Project

If you are working a home organization project, whether as small as a junk drawer or as large as a basement, the best way to start is to sort your items into simple categories. By sorting your items before you take any action, it can help you take inventory of the things that you have and allow you to more clearly assess the space that you are organizing.

Use simple categories

When sorting items,