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May 20 2015

5 Tips for Organizing Your Desk

When you sit down at your desk to work, are you overwhelmed or distracted? Do you have to search for what you need? Do you take time during your work week to declutter?

The best part about organizing, I always say, is the great way you feel afterward. And let’s face it, nobody enjoys working at a messy desk. Mess does get in the way of creative thinking and it can slow down our production,

April 29 2015

Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

Most people, me included, just want “things in their proper places” so that “mess is not a constant” and “harmony can happen.” It’s the dream of every professional organizer to leave a client with a new and profound sense of calm, having offered tips and techniques to maintain that harmony.

I’ve got a blog series planned for you that goes room by room, offering ideas and advice to keep that harmony intact. Today,

April 29 2015

Buyer’s Agent Basics

It’s no surprise that first-time home buyers have questions about the role of a buyer’s agent. How does the agent get paid? Should you sign the buyer’s agent contract?

I cover some pointers here:

  • Are agents paid by the real estate company? No, real estate agents are independent contractors who earn money after a buyer or seller closes on a home. They work and operate under a broker’s license, say Coldwell Banker.
April 15 2015

Garage Tune Up? Quick Tips from Sort It Out Now of Boston

Does your garage need a quick tune-up? These easy ideas will neaten and organize what can often be a messy space. Take a look:

  • Quick Tip #1: Use bungee cords to hang a large item (like a kayak or roof rake) from rafters or strong pegs.
  • Quick Tip #2: A shower rack is handy in a garage for smaller items like gardening gloves and seed packets.
  • Quick Tip #3: Store basketballs,
April 13 2015

Getting Organized: Your Broom Closet

The most organized broom closets I’ve seen are on Pinterest. Most folks just shove the broom where they can. If there’s a hook leftover from the previous owner for a dustpan, great!

But seriously, let’s open your broom closet and have a look – does its organization give you a hopeful feeling? If not, spend a few minutes to get tidy and your spring cleaning will be that much easier.

Here are some great solutions:

  • You don’t have space for a broom closet.