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April 15 2015

Garage Tune Up? Quick Tips from Sort It Out Now of Boston

Does your garage need a quick tune-up? These easy ideas will neaten and organize what can often be a messy space. Take a look:

  • Quick Tip #1: Use bungee cords to hang a large item (like a kayak or roof rake) from rafters or strong pegs.
  • Quick Tip #2: A shower rack is handy in a garage for smaller items like gardening gloves and seed packets.
  • Quick Tip #3: Store basketballs,
April 13 2015

Getting Organized: Your Broom Closet

The most organized broom closets I’ve seen are on Pinterest. Most folks just shove the broom where they can. If there’s a hook leftover from the previous owner for a dustpan, great!

But seriously, let’s open your broom closet and have a look – does its organization give you a hopeful feeling? If not, spend a few minutes to get tidy and your spring cleaning will be that much easier.

Here are some great solutions:

  • You don’t have space for a broom closet.
April 09 2015

How to Keep a Car Organized

By Pat Bernabei

It’s a joke between just about every busy parent – “my car is a rolling wastebasket,” I saw recently on a Facebook post.

It’s simply the sign of a busy life. For sure, “clean out the car” is at the bottom of everyone’s to-do list. It’s not exactly priority, is it?

But just for now, let’s put it at the top of that list. I’ve got a few easy ideas that can quickly organize your car into a “rolling sitting room.”

Here goes:

Tip #1: Do a ten-minute clean of your car.

March 14 2015

The Organized Crisper Drawer

I won’t mince words – I’ll bet the vegetable drawer in your fridge is packed tight. I don’t mean you need to clean it out – or that you need to stop buying vegetables – but could it be better organized so that you’re not rifling through produce while doing dinner prep? And everybody’s hungry? And waiting? And you still can’t find that carrot bag?

All you need is a simple system – as a professional organizer I’m big on systems – and some pain-free maintenance techniques.

February 25 2015
Dream Closet Organization

5 Closet Secrets from a Professional Organizer

Remember, I’m an organizer, so a disorganized closet doesn’t stress me out.

In fact, when I work with clients on their closets, one of the first tips I offer is about organizing systems. I also help them decide what they should keep and what should go. But best of all, I offer organizer secrets to help them maintain the beautiful masterpiece we have created by the end of our time together.

Here are a few secrets for you,