June 20 2019
Senior Safety Home Assessment

Home Assessment for Seniors

With more and more seniors opting to age in place, it is of paramount importance to ensure they are living in a safe environment. Whether a senior has limited mobility, deficiencies in vision or hearing or other health-related issues, measures should be taken to safeguard potential dangers and to make home navigation as easy as possible. The Home Assessment for Seniors provides an array of possible remedies to many senior challenges.

November 01 2018
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Smooth Moves (part 2)

Senior living communities provide a unique living arrangement to a population in need. People challenged with the activities of daily living or in declining health can receive needed support and some level of medical supervision. These communities offer the comforts of home and ready-made social opportunities. They also present a challenge to many new residents – living in less space.

In this second in a series of Smooth Moves, we are sharing a most important tip for anyone moving into a senior living community:

Personalize the floor plan

The floor plan is undoubtedly the most important tool in the moving-to-a-senior-living-community tool box.