Debunking Disorganization

June 12 2015

If you have a desire to get organized, even a fleeting wish, don’t let anything stop you. As I’ve heard time and again from clients, they had no idea how much better they would feel after getting rid of clutter, making a better organized kitchen, cleaning the clothes off their closet floor, the list where disorganization can take over is endless!

Here are ways to counteract the typical, shall we say, “excuses,” to keeping disorganization a part of your daily living:

  1. “I’m used to being disorganized.”

Here’s what I say: But give yourself the opportunity to be organized, because you’ll be entirely surprised at how much more time you gain back. Say, your keys—where are they now? Do you know? Do you have a proper place for them at home? If you keep them in your purse, where’s your purse? Does your home have a place where your purse “lives” so that you know where it is and don’t have to hunt for it? What you may be used to is the routine of being disorganized. If you’ve had to look in your car for your purse after you’ve already parked for the evening, then some organizing is necessary to make life a little easier for you.

  1. “I don’t know where to start.”

Here’s what I say: Start small. Choose your medicine chest, your spice cabinet. When those are complete, stand back and admire your work! Then plan on tackling another project.

  1. “I’ll do it next weekend.”   Here’s what I say: Okay, great! See #2.
  2. “I don’t have the time to organize.”

Here’s what I say: Sounds like you’d do well to hire an organizer. The beauty of hiring someone like me is that I do the thinking for you—I offer systems, ideas and ways to make a home or business more efficient, as well as the muscle to get the work done. Believe me, your home or business will undergo quite a transformation, which has a very positive effect on your state of mind.”

5. “I don’t want to throw anything out.” Here’s what I say: Well, that’s a whole different post. But your best bet is to hold onto what’s truly sentimental and take photos of the rest. A home that’s been decluttered is a home indeed!

If you need help with your organizing, call me at (617) 332-7500.

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