Declutter and Organize Your Shelter

March 25 2020
opened front door

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed. That can be true for us individually when incidents, accidents and circumstances happen in our lives and those of family members that are simply out of our control. What we are experiencing now, Coronavirus, has gripped us all tightly and bound us together like nothing we have ever seen.

Breaking news about some aspect of the virus doesn’t seem to be breaking news at all. It’s perpetual news. It’s the lead story and almost the only story of all newscasts. It’s frightening on so many levels for so many reasons. Yet, we’re all, and I do mean all, in this together. The support and creativity that is emerging and being shared to help us manage and cope is inspiring and encouraging to the soul.

Like many professional organizers, I have always sought and welcomed the calm that comes with an organized home. While I didn’t recognize myself as an organizer at the time, it’s simply the way I lived. The bed was made every day, kitchen counters remained clear, a weekly house cleaning schedule was maintained, and so on. It certainly was not a flawless process, but I did appreciate, and still do, looking around my home and feeling that sense of calm. In a world gone upside down, I take comfort in the fact that I can control my own physical surroundings. It’s reassuring to maintain a sense of order within my own four walls when the outside world seems to be spinning out of control.

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