Decluttering to Move: 5 Great Ideas

June 17 2014

Every realtor will give you the same advice: declutter before you put your house on the market.

And it’s great advice – but everyone tends to head to the closets first, thinking they should toss out clothes they no longer wear, which is definitely important. But what effect should “decluttering” have on the presentation of your home?

  1. Aim for a minimalist look. In fact, take a tour through a model home to get advice. See how they play with the table settings and the mantel to entice you as buyer. This clean appeal helps buyers to “see themselves there.” Not one personal item or photo, making a buyer feel less like a snoop in somebody’s home and more like, “I could live here.” That’s what you want.
  2. Speaking of mantels, make yours into eye candy. Did you ever notice how a mantel tends to be a catch-all in a busy family home? Lots of vacation pictures, maybe even an old holiday decoration that’s collecting dust. Take it all down and start your packing: keep the photos, toss the dusty decoration. Now think small and tall — a framed artwork leaning against the wall, an eclectic candle stick. Go for branches in a vase on the other end and sign off with a funky item that’ll draw attention. It can be simple! It actually should be simple. Remember the model home?
  3. If you have a porch and it’s already decorated, kudos! Just take the crochet blanket off the settee and get rid of the stack of magazines under the coffee table and take down the sign from the Christmas Tree shop that says “I Love Cats.” Is there room for a porch swing? Yes? Get one, hang it well, and paint it a cheery color. Surprisingly enough, it’s the simple things that attract a buyer. Suddenly, your house becomes, in a home buyer’s full mind, “the house that had that beautiful swing.” Now add green plants, fresh paint, a place for a tea cup, and maybe even a welcome mat outside the porch door. Simple enough? Well, yes, visually at least. It does take work.
  4. Hire someone. There are so many details that are necessary in moving. It’s easier when someone has your back. Need help organizing? With your entire move management? Contact us, we offer free consultations:
  5. Keep these words in your mind as you go through your home: Keep or Toss. If you keep an item, make sure it’ll have a proper place in your new home. Toss or give away all that you haven’t touched in the last year.



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