Donating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 20 2020
bags of donations
In this unprecedented and historic time, rules, regulations and policies are changing by the minute. Life is anything but business as usual. Still, there remains a pressing need to help society’s most vulnerable. That’s where donation outlets and charities have routinely stepped in, thanks to the generosity of those who can donate. However, some of these organizations have had to temporarily shutter their doors to keep everyone involved safe.That means that while decluttering might be a good use of your time at home, your donation delivery or pick may have to wait.

6 Area Organizations Announce Status of Operations

1. Goodwill Industries/Morgan Memorial
Effective March 19, 2020, we are temporarily closing our stores and donation sites in Massachusetts until May 4. We will need your donations of clothing and household goods when we reopen so please hold onto them until then.
We are extremely grateful for everyone who has offered to donate their clothing and household goods during this crisis. At the moment, we are focusing most of our efforts on providing the most immediate needs, like food and shelter. If you can, please store your goods and clothing donations for now. Contact your local Salvation Army for more information on the best time to make these donations.
We are still accepting donations at this time. With curbside pickup there is no contact with our driver. Starting April 20th, we can only accept clothes, shoes, drapery and bedding.
4. Big Brother/Big Sister,
The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation is currently closed. We are not conducting donation pickups at this time. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.
Due to the redeployment of staff, we will stop accepting recycled product donations on site at our Giving Factories and at all local drop-off sites and HUBs.
6. Habitat for Humanity ReStore,
Our store is closed until further notice! We urgently request that you do NOT leave any donations outside of our locations during this time.