Downsizing Tips When Moving a Senior

April 14 2014

Do you need some tips to help moving a senior? Is a parent relocating to a retirement community, apartment or assisted living facility? It can be overwhelming moving a senior.  It is also stressful for your loved one.

According to the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (also known as the stress sale) moving to a retirement facility is the third most stressful life experience for someone over 60 (behind death of a loved one and divorce).

Here are some downsiing tips to help ease the move:

Tip #1: Tackle Small Amounts

Sorting through a lifetime of stuff is both emotionally and physically stressful for the senior.  It is suggested that you tackle one room at a time instead of trying to sort through the entire house at once.

Spread the process over a few months instead of expecting to complete it in a couple of days.  Work for two hours at a time and focus on one room or even one corner of a room.

Tip #2: Ask Yes/No Questions

Asking open ended questions may be overwhelming.  Instead of asking which bath towels do you want to keep narrow it down first.  Then say “I have picked this towel because it is in the best condition, OK?”  The answer is a simple yes or no.

This will help speed up the process as every single item doesn’t need to be analyzed.

Tip #3: Consider Space Available

When determining what to move to the retirement community consider the amount of space in the new living arrangement.  Take measurements and make sure you have a clear understanding of what comes with the space (bed, dresser, etc).

Your loved one will want to bring memorabilia and photos but probably won’t be able to fit everything that was in their home in the new space.  The quantity will need to be limited by determining which items are favorites.  Suggest extras be passed along to friends and family where they will still be loved and valued.

Tip #4: Consider Help

Having an expert provide assistance can significantly reduce the stress of a senior move. A senior move manager can provide objective tips to sort through possessions.

They can provide compassionate assistance and ensure the most useful items are retained.  In addition a senior move manager can help with figuring out how to dispose of the items that will not be relocating to the new living space (estate sale, charitable donation, gifts for friends and family, etc).

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