For Sale – ‘Tis the season for selling homes.

April 15 2019
Preparing your house For Sale

Once you’ve decided to sell, there will be lots to do. It pays to take the time to prepare your home for viewing. Some tasks will get you closer to your asking price (or more) and will get your house on and off the market in no time. Your realtor will be a great resource for recommending some of those tasks, knowing what to focus on to get the most bang for your buck.

Get Your House Show Ready

1. Declutter.

What kind of professional organizers would we be without making this recommendation? It’s true, a decluttered home sells faster and allows buyers to see themselves living in the house. This means removing personal affects, keeping surfaces clear and giving the appearance of ample storage space. A general rule of thumb is to reduce clutter by 50%. You certainly don’t want to have to pack and pay to move items you no longer want or need.

2. Create curb appeal.

You’ve heard this one before, no doubt. You’ll want to make a good first impression. Keep your yard and garden or whatever outdoor space you have tidy. You never know when buyers are driving by checking out the neighborhood. If they don’t like what they see outside, they may not be interested in seeing what’s inside.

3. Make repairs and finish projects.

Here is where you will want to rely on your realtor’s expertise. She will be able to zero in on what needs to be done and what doesn’t to bring in the most value.

4. Keep it clean.

You may want to consider a deep clean and be sure that all nooks and crannies are accounted for. If you have pets, it will be especially important to clean stained carpets. Keep litter boxes clean and remove pet odors. Remember, you will need to maintain a clean house for as long as your house remains for sale.

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