From Mountain to Molehill: Getting a Handle on Your Documents

October 06 2017

I’ve been a senior move manager for over 18 years and love every minute of assisting older adults with downsizing and transitioning to a new style of living. Whether it’s a move to an independent living community, assisted living community or continuing care community, the process often comes down to the same question — “what do I do with all this stuff?”.  And when people say ‘stuff’, invariably, a lot of the ‘stuff’ is documents and records.

One of the most common and often overwhelming aspects of downsizing is the document management. We all acknowledge the importance and the value of having our vital documents in order, accounts documented, contact numbers organized and easily found.

The reality is, creating this level of organization can be daunting, especially when facing a lifetime of records, statements, policies, accounts and more. Combine that with questions like: What do I keep? What do I need originals of? What should I share with others? You have the perfect recipe for a much needed task that’s too easy to put off until ‘someday.’

My advice? Start small and start now. There are many wonderful resources out there to help you get organized and make the process of downsizing easier on you and your loved ones. I’ve include some of my favorite resources below.

But, if the thought of tackling this task is simply too much to bear, you can always call in a professional. Either way, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to start the process sooner rather than later so as not to leave the responsibility in someone else’s hands. Take some small steps toward organizing your documents and records today and you’ll soon find you’ve reduced your mountain to a molehill.