Garage Tune Up? Quick Tips from Sort It Out Now of Boston

April 15 2015

Does your garage need a quick tune-up? These easy ideas will neaten and organize what can often be a messy space. Take a look:

  • Quick Tip #1: Use bungee cords to hang a large item (like a kayak or roof rake) from rafters or strong pegs.
  • Quick Tip #2: A shower rack is handy in a garage for smaller items like gardening gloves and seed packets.
  • Quick Tip #3: Store basketballs, footballs, kickballs, anything that rolls, in either a large container on the floor or milk crates hung from the wall.
  • Quick Tip #4: Speaking of vertical wall space – if space is at a premium, and even if it isn’t, using your walls for shelving and racks and hooks will make for a much neater garage.
  • Quick Tip #5: If your family has a multitude of sports equipment, you might want to create “zones” so that the hockey sticks don’t land up in the center of the garage. If everyone has a designated area where their “sports stuff” goes, it’ll make for easier organizing.
  • Quick Tip #6: I vote for clear containers – limit basket use for the garage. If any moisture creeps in, the baskets won’t last. Plus you’ll want to keep things clean and covered.
  • Quick Tip #7: A good label maker will make your organizing life easier. Here’s a kind that I like.
  • Quick Tip #8: Spring cleaning your garage soon? Toss or recycle anything you haven’t used for two years.
  • Quick Tip #9: Keep seasonal items on a top shelf or in your home’s storage area.
  • Quick Tip #10: Leaves have a way of getting in to the garage. Give a good sweep and it’ll look like a different place entirely!
  • Quick Tip #11: In an earlier post I suggested using a wooden pallet against the wall to hold brooms and rakes. It’s a great way to repurpose and very handy!

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