Get Ready for the Dorm

August 18 2019
dorm room

Your baby is about to go to college. Where did the time go? Dorms are known as notoriously small spaces. It may take some creativity to find enough storage space for all the college gear. These ideas will help get you started.

Double Duty

Many dorm rooms are outfitted with a bed and desk. If there’s room to bring in additional pieces, choose items that can multi-task. A trunk can serve as a table or shelf space while holding extra clothing or shoes. A storage ottoman can hide books and blankets when not needed. A rolling cart might be a good option also as it provides a table surface with shelves below. Of course, be sure you know the dimensions of the room and furnishings to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Hang it Up

Closet space will be at a premium so maximize every inch. A double-hung rod essentially doubles hanging space. A hanging closet organizer is a handy tool with roomy shelves that can take the place of dresser drawers. Place adhesive-backed hooks strategically in the dorm for additional hanging items without worrying about damaging walls.

Create Space

There are a few other areas in a dorm room where you can find storage space. One area is around and under the bed. You may need to put the bed on risers to create enough space to fit under-the-bed containers. And where there is no room for a night stand, a bedside organizer caddy easily takes its place. Don’t overlook wall or vertical space for open shelving.

For more ideas to maximize the efficiency of a small space, contact Sort It Out Boston!