Getting a New Dog? Get Organized First!

August 27 2015

Before you bring your new doggie home, take some time to get organized.

  • The leash, collar and waste disposal bags. Choose an area of your home where your pet’s leash can live. Hopefully you’ve got some space in the top of a closet or a storage area shelf, but if leaving your dog’s leash by the back door works better for you, then you’ll need a trip to your local hardware store or Home Depot for a sturdy hook or two. Like to take his collar off at night? Leave his collar next to the leash. And most likely, the door near your hooks will have a regular closet or laundry closet right nearby. Take a shoebox and store his waste disposal bags in there. On the floor, tucked to the side for easy reaching, top shelf if you want everything off the floor.
  • The toys. Choose where you’ll keep his toys. Do you have an available storage basket? Tuck the basket either by the couch in the family room or the place where you and your pet most relax together. Whatever storage method you choose, keep them organized in one area.
  • The food. Where to store it? Best bet, the garage on a shelving unit, neatly stacked under the tool bench or on the pantry floor. Anywhere that doesn’t take up much-needed space. If you use dry food, you may want to purchase a plastic, lidded container and store that near his dog bowls, keeping the big bag out of sight and in the garage, under the steps, etc. This container should hold at least a week’s worth of food. Make sure the lid snaps closed nice and tight. Many offer an opening in the front so that you don’t have to take off the entire lid.
  • The bowls. For starters, purchase a rubber dog food tray big enough to fit your doggie’s food and water bowls. You could use a towel in a pinch, but the towel will get dirty quickly. You’ll also want to protect your floor from water and food drips and spills that are sure to happen, especially from drooly doggies! The rubber mat works well and is easy to clean.
  • The paperwork. A simple manila folder, one per year. Buy yourself a few extra to keep on hand. Keep the dog’s folders tucked away in the filing cabinet, a desk drawer meant for folders only (ie, not a junk drawer). Always return the dog’s folder to the same place.

Need more help organizing? Let me know, I’m here to help:

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