Getting Organized: Your Broom Closet

April 13 2015

The most organized broom closets I’ve seen are on Pinterest. Most folks just shove the broom where they can. If there’s a hook leftover from the previous owner for a dustpan, great!

But seriously, let’s open your broom closet and have a look – does its organization give you a hopeful feeling? If not, spend a few minutes to get tidy and your spring cleaning will be that much easier.

Here are some great solutions:

  • You don’t have space for a broom closet. No worries! Enlist your linen closet to share—towels and sheets up top, lower area for vacuum, broom, mop, cleaning supplies in a bucket. You may have to readjust the shelving. The garage also works: A free-standing, tiered metal shelving unit is easy to install and will offer plenty of room for cleaning supplies. Where to store the broom? A wooden pallet, leaning up against the wall, is a great storage container for brooms and mops. The vacuum can find a dedicated spot on a rubber boot tray next to the shelving unit.
  • Other things find their way into the broom closet. Do you store pet supplies, extra light bulbs, garden boots and last year’s school photos in there? If you have the space, great! If not, you may need to find other dedicated spots for all items that don’t pertain to cleaning. The top shelf is sometimes nice for the extra light bulbs, however.
  • Will the real broom closet please stand up? Since limited space is often the issue, here’s what you should keep in your broom closet: all cleaning supplies, vacuum, broom, dustpan, mop, bucket. Keeping the floor for the vacuum and bucket will make for a cleaner broom closet. Make use of the walls using sturdy hooks.
  • Quick Tip: Does your vacuum come with attachments and replacement bags? Store them in an old backpack and hang it on a hook mounted on the wall inside or tucked away on the top shelf.
  • Don’t forget a step stool! If you have some room next to the extra light bulbs on the top shelf, store easily up there. 🙂

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Thanks for reading!