January 18 2019
Get Organized Month 2019

It’s GO Month! January is officially Get Organized and Be Productive (GO) month. It’s probably no coincidence that it occurs during the month of resolutions. If you have ever made a resolution to get organized, you can understand why.

Is there an area in your home that you want to better organize? Do you experience an avalanche when you open a closet door? Are piles of paper growing on your countertops?

Getting organized often begins with clearing the clutter, and clutter can be overwhelming. Set yourself up for success by tackling one area at a time. That area can be a single drawer or one shelf. Once you’ve completed that task, keep the area orderly by putting items back where you decided they belong.

Working on smaller areas first will give you the practice and confidence you need to move on to larger projects. Seeing progress will be the motivation and encouragement to keep you heading in the right direction. Pretty soon it will become second nature to stay organized.

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