February 15 2019
Organizing Paperwork Decluttering

During the tax season, we are all surrounded by piles of paper. It’s often the time when we think about going paperless. The thought of not being able to get your hands on that needed piece of paper can be scary.  But it’s not as scary as you think. Think of it this way. While the paper itself is no longer in your home, the information it provides is always available. Now, where do you start?

This or That

Going paperless often begins with some type of scanning device or application. It lets you more or less take a picture of the document in order to save it electronically. That means you need to decide what works best for you, a desktop scanner or mobile application perhaps. The choices are many. Do a little homework to determine the best fit for your needs. You will also need to set up a digital filing system so that every scanned paper has a place to live. It’s really not different than setting up a paper filing system. Your digital folders can be named the very same way. Now you can decide whether to scan all existing paperwork or employ a ‘from this day forward’ method. As new documents are received and scanned (then shred or recycled) dispose their older, expired paper counterparts.

To further your paperless efforts, you will want to sign up to receive electronic copies of bills, bank statements and other paperwork that you traditionally received via mail. Many vendors offer this option and it’s easy to make the conversion. It’s important to set up the necessary Inbox folders to receive these documents. Set the controls to be notified of their arrival and ensure they are not treated as spam. This is not a once and forget it project, however. Set up a schedule to review the contents of these files. Delete anything that you no longer need.

Paper is one of the most common forms of clutter.

It can creep up on you and quickly become overwhelming. Setting up digital files is a great way to reduce the paper piles and take control of it once and for all.

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