Heading Off to Summer Camp

June 27 2019
happy kids at camp

Who’s more excited for summer camp to begin – you or your kids?

It’s a toss up! Their bags or trunks will need to hold a variety of essentials for all kinds of fun experiences.

Follow these tips for organizing it all to get your summer campers off to their next adventure.

  1. The camp most likely has offered a checklist of what to pack. Follow it! Pay attention to specific dress code and other instructions that will a make the difference between your child having what she needs and possibly not fully participating.
  2. Involve your child in the packing so she’s familiar with where everything is in her bag or trunk. Include the checklist in the bag, too, so she knows what needs to be packed when returning home.
  3. Label, label, label! Everything from a backpack to a toothbrush to socks should be identified as your child’s. Use a permanent or laundry marker on fabric items. Don’t plan to send anything that if not returned, will be missed.
  4. Pack each day’s clothing, right down to the underwear, in gallon size zip lock bags. Label each bag with the day of the week for an easy start to the day. Include a trash bag, labeled laundry, to keep the clean and dirty clothing separated.
  5. Include a few organizing tools like a hook for hanging a wet towel, a (labeled!) shower caddy to keep toiletries together and a plastic envelope or pouch to keep any papers from getting wet or damaged. Tuck in a few stamped postcards to make it easy for your child to send you notes.

Do you have an organizing project you want to tackle while the kids are away at summer camp? Contact Sort It Out Boston, today!