Hidden Vertical Space Solutions

September 03 2015

A home’s storage is a valuable commodity, but when there isn’t enough for organizing, I get creative and explore vertical space.

  • Often enough, we have extra room in our linen closet: Is there a top shelf in yours with some empty space? That’s a wonderful area for additional shelving.
  • When organizing for a client, I sometimes need to reach for unique solutions: Ever see a guitar mount stand that neatly holds a guitar upright? Use that same tool – only attach it to the side of your kitchen cabinet and hang your pizza paddle instead of keeping it in the oven.
  • Speaking of the garage – some of the best vertical space is found in the top portion above where you park your car. Hang wire racks and you’ve got another storage area. And when you go to sell your house, that area will be exciting to a discerning shopper.
  • The kiddo’s room. Sure, you could get the cute pink or blue containers that already say “trains” or “stuffed animals,” but the organizer in me prefers to hang wire mesh baskets on the wall. Now everything is off the floor!
  • That cabinet above the fridge? Another area where deep shelving could be a big help.
  • If space is really at a premium in a small bathroom: Hang a single shelf above your door so that items like bath paper and extra soaps don’t take up room under the sink and purchase a thin bath cabinet from Ikea for your towels. (Roll them so they look pretty.)

Have any questions about organizing or more vertical space solutions? I’m here to help: 617-332-7500.

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