His and Hers

February 13 2020
His and Hers blog

He’s a saver, you donate a box of goods every week. Your socks are folded and filed standing at attention when you open the drawer. His socks are a jumble of cloth, partners long ago separated, never to be reunited again. Alas, you love him.

The universe is a funny thing balancing itself out when needed, as in opposites attract. What once may have qualified as a quirky and sweet habit is now driving you around the bend. Of all the things that couples argue about, it may or may not surprise you to learn that clutter is popular fodder. A study conducted by SpareFoot noted this was the case for nearly half of the couples surveyed. The biggest clutter culprit: clothing. You can just imagine how an innocent comment about getting rid of a ratty old t-shirt (your description, not his), can easily escalate into a full-blown, gloves off, war of the words. It’s not a good look on anyone, least of all a loving couple in an otherwise very happy relationship.

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