Home Office Organizing You Can Live With

March 24 2014

One of the biggest challenges in working from home is creating a home office space that works well for you. Moving stacks from one place to another, piling boxes in corners, or trying to fit everything in can be a challenge. Getting creative with your solutions can offer you the home office organization you need to stay on track.

Location, Location, Location
Just as if you were looking for office space outside the house, look around your home for a spot that can be utilized better. Is there a corner not being used? Do you have available space in your basement? Is your garage available?

Try thinking outside the “box” of a whole room for your office. You may find a creative way to reorganize furniture or space to give yourself the room you need.

Keep It Clean
When we feel overwhelmed with stuff, it is hard to focus on our essential tasks.

Finding a place for everything may be hard, but once you get everything put away and straight, it is easy to stay on track both in your tasks and in your organizing. Looking at clutter and mess everywhere is tiring and stressful. Getting it clean is the hard part, keeping it clean is easy if done every day.

Go Mobile
If there truly isn’t a space for a permanent home office, think about an office on wheels. Many solutions to your home office organization issues can be made portable. Desks, files, trays, even electronics can be portable these days. Consider storage and filing cabinets that can be used then wheeled out of the way when done.

Wireless devices, such as printers, computers, faxes, and scanners all can be stored out of the way when not in use. Combining devices, such as printer/fax/copier/scanners are fantastic ways to take up less space.

While not every solution will work in all homes, there are solutions that will work if you are willing to be flexible. Sometimes people are unable to see the potential and need some help.

Our professional home and office organizers can help you find the solutions to your organization needs.

If you are looking for help with your home office organization, contact us and we will help you find solutions that you can live with.

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