Home Organizing Tips for Increasing Senior Safety

March 06 2014

Home organization for the arrival of a senior family member means looking at your house through a different set of eyes.

Almost like new parents have to learn how to see the potential for danger through the eyes of a toddler, the first step in organizing your living space for the arrival of an older relative is looking for anything that could present a danger as a result of their failing vision, loss of balance, slowed reflexes or any other unpleasant aspect of aging.

Home Organizing is Clutter Organizing

Cleaning away the clutter is the cornerstone of home organization, but what you have put off for another day a thousand times takes on a new sense of urgency when a senior citizen becomes an occupant of the house.

Any bit of clutter that can be picked up off the floor should be before it turns into a tripping hazard capable of requiring a visit to the emergency room. Overhead clutter presents a different danger, but one every bit as urgent.

Clean up and organize closets, shelving, cabinets and any other cluttered storage area that presents the possibility of a heavy object falling down on your newly arrived elderly occupant.

Kitchen Organizing for Increased Safety

One particular area of home organization that may need something close to a completely overhaul when a senior moves in is the kitchen. This is especially true if your older family member is determined to become the cook of the house.

Any kitchen tool or small appliance that is too heavy to lift or pull down needs to be placed on a level allowing easy access. Take a look at all the utensils used for cooking like spatulas, tongs and ladles and consider replacing them with long-handled versions to help lessen the chances of accidents occurring on the stovetop.

Bathrooms from the Floor to the Showerhead

The bathroom is an area where home organization in order to make it safer for seniors can be substantially improved with an outlay of cash.

A great tip is to actually plan for a kind of wholesale renovation of the bathroom with safety organization in mind. Instead of laying down an entire new floor made of material that provides better traction, just lay down a narrow rug that takes your senior directly from the door to the tub.

Improved safety measures can be organized through a series of grab rails that take your family member from the toilet to the sink without fear of falls. The bathing can be organized for improved security with non-slip decals on the surface of the tub, a grab rail on the wall and, very importantly, switching to a non-scald shower head to avoid both burns and falls that result from a sudden spray of scalding water.

For more information organizing your home for the arrival of a senior family member, or any other questions about organizing home or office, please contact us.

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