How to Organize Your Digital Photos

October 09 2015

Do you have a ga-zillion digital photos…somewhere on your computer? Maybe some on your laptop or some on the home computer? Time to organize!

Here’s how:

First Step: Choose a method of organizing. Many opt for the chronological approach because cameras automatically offer a date. Using a numerical date system (01 for January) will help because the computer will be able to sort for you. Inside those folders you can create different themes, like NYC 2014, etc. But at the very least, you’ll be able to locate certain photos by date.

Second Step: Download pictures on a “regular basis” (and onto the same computer). The best plan is to get into the habit of downloading your digital photos after you took a bunch, like at a special event. This should be the fun part, by the way! If your computer has an already made folder system like My Pictures, simply download into there. Your computer will record the date the photos were downloaded. Or, download the images directly into a photo management program like Google’s Picasa.

Third Step: Delete repetitive or poor-quality pictures. There’s only so many photos of Grandma’s pumpkin pie, right?

Fourth Step: Rename a few Special Photos. For the obvious “keepers,” rename and copy into a Favorites type of file. (Especially the ones you might want to use as a holiday photo.) If you like to fix red-eye or crop your photos, do that as you rename. For quick fixes, try Picasa’s “I Feel Lucky,” one-click editing tool. Save the renamed, edited photos into the correct folder.

Fifth Step: Back Up Your Work. Computer experts recommend using an external drive, an online storage service and/or prints. Easiest is to back up onto an external drive. Yes, someday you’ll organize these even better – into old-fashioned photo albums, a free slideshow from PhotoSnack – but for now, you’re all set. If you go with an online service, look for one that focuses on storage.

Need more help organizing? Sort It Out Now of Greater Boston can be reached at (617) 332-7500.

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