September 25 2015

Those catalog pictures? Sure, I’m stating the obvious, but nobody lives there. Meaning, these beautiful rooms were not developed for a real person who has recycling and work and nail polish bottles and children’s items and shoes and paperwork and blankets that need laundering. The takeaway? After organizing, upkeep is a vital part of the process and everything won’t be perfect all the time.

Here are more organizing myths that should make you feel better:

  1. Declutter once and you’re done. I wish this was true. We now how life goes – after you clean the floor, it’s lovely for about a day. Then the dog walks in and shakes. The kids leave a cereal bowl on the coffee table. And so on. Organizing is tough to manage! Perfection is unattainable and not even worth it. What’s worth it is to have an organizing system in place to keep things tidy and paperwork in check and cereal bowls in the dishwasher.
  2. The 10-Minute Tidy doesn’t work. When I leave organizing clients, I leave them organized, but I also leave them with a system in place to keep up the organization. After decluttering, make sure “everything has a proper place.” Most of all, after dinner, take a walk around and do a tidy. It’s wild how much you can get done – pick up dog toys, shoes in closet not on floor – in a simple 10 minutes.
  3. You can always use another basket. A client, after she moved, showed me the tower of organizing baskets after everything was put away. “I have no idea where to put all these,” she admitted. She had bought them on sale thinking she would find a space for them. She landed up giving most away, others she used in her laundry room. I love a sale, too, but when you’re organizing, note the need first before making purchases.
  4. If you’re almost done with a task, that’s good enough. The best organizing you can do for yourself is to complete a task, from start to finish. Did you pack bags with clothes to donate? Put them immediately into your car and better yet, go the distance and bring them to where they’re headed. It’s surprising how long you’ll keep them in your car and how many times you’ll put groceries on them, so it’s always best to complete one task fully than to almost complete three.

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