Moving Made Easy(ier)

October 25 2014

Everybody loves to learn the tricks of the trade!

At Sort it Out Now, our move management techniques move you forward with care. Since every move is detail-intensive, it’s the perfect reason to hire a professional.

Here are some of our moving secrets:

  • Before you move, send your rugs out to be professionally cleaned. That way, they’ll not only be fresh for your new home but all wrapped up for the movers.
  • If you are packing valuables, either photograph or videotape the items so you can have a record of them if they do wind up getting lost.
  • That said, don’t mark boxes with the word “Valuable.” Rather, take those boxes in your car’s trunk with you.
  • Every box should not be labeled “Fragile.”
  • Keep extra boxes available for moving day – you’ll still find more things to pack!
  • If you don’t want to pack a bed table drawer’s contents, tape the drawer closed. Don’t use anything too strong like duct tape. Use masking tape so it doesn’t harm the furniture and peel off when the bed table is in place.
  • Cool trick: When you tape a box closed, but a length of string underneath the tape and leave some string hanging out. Why? When you unpack, instead of getting a box cutter or using your fingernail, just pull on the handy string to get the tape going! This does take more time, but you’ll be grateful you did.
  • Start packing early. In fact, pack as soon as you can and pile up those boxes in a room that’s designated for “move.” You’ll be glad you did.

If you need help during your move, contact us to make sure everything goes smoothly: We’ll move you forward with care!


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