How to Organize Christmas Tree Lights

December 11 2014

It’s a joke in the family, right? Every family has their good stories and bad about “Dad trying to untangle the tree lights” and Mom giving up and buying new ones, or the dog gnawing on one end while the other is being de-knotted.

Hold on – we don’t want to take away those beautiful memories, but Sort It Out Now has a handy idea, a very handy idea passed down from a clever grandfather who is also known for his organized tool bench and his handmade pie toter.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – let’s focus on not sighing a long sigh when we open the ornament bin, but rejoicing in the organizing you did, this year, for next.

Here it is:

  • Wrapping strands of lights on empty paper towel rolls

The method: As you gradually take the strand of lights off the tree, poke the first say, 6 inches of lights into the tube, then start wrapping the lights tightly around the tube. The key is to wrap the strand so that it goes on the roll evenly. When you reach the other end of the tube, roll on back until the strand is almost complete. The last piece of strand should be tucked in to the opposite end.

And there you have it! If you use several strands of lights for your tree, you’ll have several of these handy tubes to unroll, with ease, next year.

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