Organize Like a Kindergartner

July 16 2019
Get Organized like a Kindergartener

It’s often said that if you want to maintain an organized home, think like a kindergartner. It may likely be the first place where children are introduced to the concept of organizing and it provides a great foundation to organize any room in your house.


Choose an area and sort like items together. Naming each category identifies the type of items that should live together. Kindergarten students know they can find popsicle sticks in the craft section and books in the reading nook. Apply that same thought process to your home organization. For instance, store all baking supplies together in one cabinet or section of the pantry.


Use containers to keep everything corralled, neat and tidy. Containers come in all shapes and sizes. Once you know what you need to store, the choice of containers will be plentiful. They’re especially useful for smaller items that may get lost amid a crowded shelf. Kindergarten classrooms often have lots of bins to keep the crayons together, or blocks or stickers or just about anything needed to complete a lesson or activity. In your home, containers can be used in every room from spices in the kitchen to toiletries in the bathroom to garden tools in the garage.


What makes a kindergarten classroom so organized? Labels, whether in pictures or print. Label the bins and containers used in each room so there’s no guess work about what goes where. A kindergarten classroom can be cleaned up in mere minutes when everyone knows where everything goes. Shouldn’t it be the same in your home?

Want your home to be as organized as a kindergarten classroom?

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