Organizing Hats: Solutions from Sort It Out Now

February 07 2015

By Pat Bernabei

All those fedoras of the 1950s are a style of the past but hats are still very much a popular accessory for men, women and children, and it’s not shocking to hear that one person might have upwards of 10 hats or more. This poses an organizing opportunity: Where to store them?

Target is a wonderful source of baskets for storage – but one home can only accept oh so many storage baskets and especially clunky-looking plastic bins. So we decided to compile some different organizing ideas for storing hats, whether they are baseball hats, winter hats, sun hats, stylish hats, any hat that needs a “proper place” in your home.

Take a look:

HAT pic 1I love that artsy aspect of hats. It makes an organizer’s life much easier—I suggest using them on the wall, better yet, on the wall near the door. Hooks are the best solution because they’re sturdy and will hold up over time. Just plan out your hooks according to the size of the hats so that they hang in a pretty line.


HAT pic 2Every mom has seen her athletic son or daughter’s pile of hats grow—one for each sport, one for each season. Over time, the athlete has accrued quite the collection! Back to Target—buy a shoe rack or hanger, a simple one is best. It’s a organizer’s best friend because it holds a lot and can be hung easily on the back of a door.


HAT pic 4Stylish women in the days of Jane Austen might have used hat boxes but today we utilize a lovely new system: repurposing. Here, a corner wall presents a pretty canvas on which to hang sun hats.




HAT pic 5Ah, more baseball hats! Instead of molding or shelving, installing hooks along the top of a wall gives an athlete pride in his collection, instead of collecting them behind his bed.




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