Organizing Your Purse by Sort it Out Now

September 24 2014

What’s the not-so-subtle cue that tells us it’s time to clean out our purse?


Every woman knows the moment. Usually we’re in the driver’s seat, parked, bent over to the right and rifling through our purse to dig out that pen, mascara, spare change for the meter. Our back hurts from the hunt. Then we find what we need and go on with life, in a rush.

If that’s where you are, make a mental note to get thyself organized.

Why should a purse be organized? Because we simply feel better! And we’re not bending over uncomfortably, going through zipper sections that we already checked because maybe it’s underneath our phone, our address book, our glasses. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Does this describe you? It probably describes most women at the end of a calendar season. So make the switch to fall and do the purse dump on your counter tonight. You’ll be so relieved!

Here’s how to make sure your purse stays organized:

  • Say this motto in the mirror: “No more plastic baggies.” Take the step up and buy yourself some purse organizer bags. They’re small bags that can easily group certain items together such as feminine care, packets of sugar or honey and coffee stirrers, makeup (including lip balms), all your pens. In other words, know where your stuff is when you open your purse.
  • Weigh your purse. Is it more than 10 pounds? Do you really want to carry around all that weight on your poor shoulder? Figure out what can stay in your car or at home. If your car, get yourself a cute little basket so that everything is on one place. Purse weighs: three pounds.
  • All those quarters. Going forward, keep a few coins in a small (small) change purse. Enough for, say, 4 meters worth. The rest, pour into a glass jar for your kitchen counter or convert into cash at the grocery store. How does your shoulder feel now?
  • Most purses come with built-in pockets. To get your city on, use the inside zipper pocket for your phone and wallet. Don’t make it easy for the pickpockets.
  • Oops! Did your credit cards wander out of your wallet? Corral them and tidy your wallet, too.
  • Do you get ready for the week on Sunday evenings? Use that time to clean out your purse of all those receipts and stray items that found their way in during the busy week. Tidy your makeup bag and dig out any change for your jar.
  • What’s your stress level now?
  • For any other organizing projects, contact Pat at Sort it Out Now:



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