Organizing with 2020 Vision

January 29 2020
eye glasses on calendar

The first month of the New Year of the new decade is rapidly coming to a close. January is GO (Get Organized) Month. It’s a time to put good intentions to work and commit to making that popular resolution a reality. Did you make a New Year resolution? How is it going so far?

The year 2020 comes with a built-in reminder to focus and have a clear vision. It’s a great time to think about your organizing goals, what you would like to see happen in the year ahead and how you’re going to make it happen. Setting a goal is typically the first step in many a project, including organizing your home. Without setting clear expectations and creating a path to follow, your good intentions may morph into a circle of cluttered frustration, leading you to nowhere in particular, and certainly not toward your goal.

Picture This

Before you embark on your organizing project, take a step back and look at the larger picture. What vision do you have for your home or specific room in terms of how you want it to look and function for you? What activities will take place there and what organizing systems will you put in place to support those activities and ultimately your vision? It takes more than decluttering and purging, although those are important steps in the process. Consider these big picture issues to help set a clear vision for your project.

1. Respect your space. Treat your home like a home and not a storage facility. There is a finite amount of space available in any home. If you have more stuff than space, the equation simply won’t work.

2. Look at your buying habits. It’s so easy to click and tap our way to brand new belongings. How often is an Amazon box waiting for you on your doorstep? With each new item coming into your home, is at least one in that category going out? Consider a shopping moratorium for a month, or another period that makes sense. Give yourself the time to understand how much comes into your home, how often, and more importantly, why. Your wallet will thank you.

3. Keep your stuff relevant. What are you holding onto that doesn’t reflect or support your life today? Outgrown clothing, yours or your children’s, come to mind. Supplies from a long-ago abandoned hobby or piles of paperwork are other juggernauts that may be holding you hostage. If it isn’t relevant for your life today, are you ready to let it go?

When you have a clear vision of your organizing goals, chances are you will be more apt to pursue them in an orderly fashion. Write it down, map out the plan, include it on a vision board or ask someone to be your accountability buddy. Take action, be intentional, and make 2020 the clearest year yet.