Organizing your Child for Camp

August 07 2015

Every summer throngs of school-age children leave home – for camp.

If they leave for one week or entire summer, they usually need the same amount of stuff, from bathing suits to extra socks.

I’ve done my share of camp packing and organizing. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Please don’t bother with the camp labels. It’s true, labels are music to an organizer’s ears, but the fact is, you just need the sharpie pen. Go wild with the sharpie, because you probably won’t want to keep any of the clothes or socks after your camper gets home.
  2. Don’t take up precious space in your child’s trunk or suitcase with toiletries or items they don’t need or even shouldn’t use while away from home. If they get a cut, they’re better off visiting the camp nurse for a proper tending, so leave out the Bandaids and anything else medical related.
  3. I’ll bet you’ve heard this trick before – pack all clothing, socks, underwear in plastic bags. This idea probably originated from savvy moms.
  4. Speaking of socks and underwear, buy extra!
  5. Pack mosquito netting, especially if your camper will be sleeping in a tent, aka “spider hotel,” according to a former camper who shall not be named.
  6. Do label items like soap holders and flashlights, using simple but sturdy masking tape and the sharpie.
  7. First time camper? Take a serious look at the camp’s packing list and do pack the windbreaker/rain jacket. Yes, they will use it.
  8. Some campers come home hungry for more camp so if you think yours will be headed back next summer, take the time to clear out a storage area so you can place all the camp items (tent, netting, sleeping bag) in one area of your home. You’ll thank yourself!

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