Organizing your Scarves

August 13 2015

Organizing your scarves is something you’ve always meant to do? Here’s some motivation: Another name for this post could be, “How to reclaim your scarf drawer.”

Do you have a ton of scarves? Each has a story, right? This one I got that time I went shopping with my friend from college. This one I wear for the holidays.

The point is: how do you keep them all organized?

If you have a large assortment, and only truly use less than half, then it’s time to purge. Purging your scarves will offer you more space and less headache when stuffing them into a small space.

Where to keep your new assortment of scarves?

Instead of the drawer, one of the best ways to keep your scarves neat and tidy and unwrinkled is on a towel rack affixed to the back of your closet door (or closet wall). If your newly purged pile seems like it may need two towel racks – you won’t want to double up scarves, too messy! – include a second rack with room for the scarves on the top rack to hang nicely.

In fact, you might want to double each scarf and drape it over the rack to give the rack below it enough room.

Now what do you plan on using your empty drawer for?

If you need organizing assistance with a project in your home or business, here’s where you can reach me: or (617) 332-7500.

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  1. I love the idea of installing a towel bar on the closet door. Pretty clever. Who says that it can only be used inside a bathroom?


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