Passing the Torch

January 22 2020

The year 2020 is certainly starting off with a bang. More like fireworks. I am thrilled to take the reigns as the new owner of Sort It Out, LLC, aka, Sort It Out Boston. When its founder, Pat Bernabei, announced that she was ready to retire and asked if I was willing to take over the business, there was only one answer. Yes!

As a business owner and independent contractor within the professional organizing and move management industry, I had the good fortune of working with Pat for several years. Over time, I was able to peek behind the curtain of Sort It Out Boston’s business operations, and am quite familiar with its processes, services and strategies. Perhaps as Pat prepared herself for retirement, she allowed me to take a deeper dive behind that curtain, taking on more responsibility for running the business and preparing me for this eventuality. Well done, Pat.

My other adult career was in health care administration. That included sorting through the intricacies of health plan contracts and educating health care providers and their staffs about their participatory roles. It also involved creating and implementing systems to aid with contract compliance as well as maintenance programs to ensure their continued success. Little did I know that work served as the foundation for establishing my own organizing business, helping people sort through the belongings of their lifetime and creating sustainable organizing systems in their homes.

They say that if you love what you do, it can’t be called work. That is exactly the case here. I continue to love the ‘work’ of professional organizing and move management. It is so very rewarding to offer someone a better way, to relieve stress and provide peace of mind. I am extremely grateful for each of these experiences and look forward to continuing the legacy of Sort It Out Boston.