Prepare Your Closet for the Seasonal Clothing Switch

October 15 2019
Organizing Your Closet

The season has changed, and the temperatures are turning. It’s time to organize your closet to match. This is a great opportunity to look at everything in your closet and make sure each piece of clothing is one that fits you, that you love to wear, is in style and in season.

Empty and Clean

You’ve heard this before, and it bears repeating especially for closet organization. Empty the closet of every item. This will give you the chance to inspect the area for any signs of pests. Wipe down every surface and vacuum every bit of dust, food crumbs, and other debris you might find.

Store Clean Clothes Only

It’s important to ensure that only clean clothes are put back into the closet. Food and beverage stains, and even dust, are a virtual feast for bugs. Launder or dry clean each piece of clothing according to manufacturer directions. Don’t store garments in the plastic dry-cleaning bags as they can trap moisture which in turn can create permanent stains. A cloth garment bag is a better option for clothes that need extra protection.

Closet Tools and Tips

  1. Choose the best hangar for each wardrobe item. Slim, velvet-coated hangars are good for light-weight clothing and are space saving. However, you may need stronger, wood hangars for heavier items like suits.
  2. Fold, rather than hang, delicate pieces of clothing like sweaters with the heaviest on the bottom of the stack. Shelf dividers keep stacks neat and avoid an avalanche when retrieving one item.
  3. Use breathable bins or baskets for anything that will be stored in a container. Keep carboard boxes out of the closet.
  4. Include chemical-free pest repellents like cedar. Even in a clean closet with clean clothes, moths and pests can find their way in and wreak havoc on your wardrobe.

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