Rounding Up the Holiday Decor

December 31 2018

Another holiday season is coming to an end. Can you believe it? The festivities are winding down and it’s time to gear up for a New Year. However, an important holiday task still lies ahead. It’s time to put away all the decorations. Now is your chance to review what you have, get rid of what you didn’t use and most likely will not use in the future. Then you can organize it all to make decorating next holiday season a breeze.

Before you begin removing lights from the tree or breaking down the holiday village, take a look around. What are your favorite vignettes? Take a photo of each scene and use as a reference to replicate those favorites next year. Keep the photo in your holiday card file or planner so that it’s easy to find later on.

Delicate ornaments need special care when storing to avoid breaking. If you no longer have their original packaging, use clear bubble wrap envelopes or take-out beverage holders to nestle each ornament in safely. Keep lights from tangling by wrapping them around a coffee can, egg carton or sturdy piece of cardboard. Be careful to store candles in a climate-controlled area, and wrap them in cellophane to prevent color transfer.

When it comes to storing all the containers, labeling is key. Make a list of all the contents of each and secure it to the container. That way you’ll  know just what goes into each one for consistency, year after year. If you decorate in stages, number the containers according to the order in which the decorating begins. See you next year, decorations!

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