Senior Loss/Relocation

Pat is absolutely reliable, tireless, pragmatic, with a strong sense of humor and compassion, she can be tough or tender depending on the needs of the moment, she is brilliant at what she does, and no matter what she charges you will finish a session with her and say, “how can I keep this woman in my life always?!” I could not recommend her more highly. Use her and your life will be transformed.

Jessica K.

Moving from Near or Far, We Manage It All

It is often emotionally devastating to lose a parent. Couple that with the burden of dealing with the deceased’s estate, and even adult children feel overwhelmed at the road ahead.

After Jessica’s Mom, Judith, passed away, she and her two siblings were faced with the emotional and monumental task of cleaning out her home and distributing her possessions. We assisted them with the clean out, helping them decide what to keep, who was keeping it and how the items would be transported.

Since Jessica lived in Los Angeles and was taking several larger items from the home, we also arranged for a cross-country moving truck so she could more easily move that which was important to her. After supervising the safe packing and loading of all items, a Sort It Out team member flew out to LA to meet the truck and supervise the unpacking of all items at Jessica’s home in LA.

An emotional situation, complicated by great distance, was simplified with the help of Sort It Out and our compassionate team members.

Don’t let the emotional toll of a loss impact your ability to control a move, we can help.

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