Senior Relocation: Things to Do and Mistakes to Avoid

April 21 2014

Senior relocation can be a traumatic event or a cause for celebration depending on the impetus. Whether the relocation of a senior is prompted by dreams of retirement or unhappy circumstances, the move can still ultimately transform into unforeseen drama or a joyously unexpected happy ending. The drama of the trauma and the odds for a happy ending can both be eased to your advantage by avoiding some common mistakes.

Avoid Downsizing Too Much

Senior relocation is very often a time for downsizing. Aging parents don’t need as much space as brand new parents, after all. The problem of going down one size too many immediately becomes apparent right around the first holiday where family stays over.

True, senior relocation probably means you don’t need the great big house you are relocating from, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that you will never need at least one extra bedroom and maybe even a spare bath.

Do Choose a New Home Near Activities You Enjoy

If at all possible, every effort should be made to check to check out the communities and neighborhoods in senior relocation destination. Consider hobbies you enjoy, sports you still play, the food you like and entertainment that pleases you. A new home is more than a new house. The greatest house bought at the best price in the world will soon seem less of a bargain once the realization sinks in that getting to everything you want to do is transportation nightmare.

Avoid Relocating to a Memorable Vacation Destination

Did you have such a great time on vacation somewhere that you always dream of retiring there? Big mistake. In the first place, you are trying to recapture lightning in a bottle and that’s always a mistake. In the second place, many places that are wonderful for short term vacations are just not that interesting in the long term.

Do Spend Some Time Contemplating Your Ideal Relocation Spot

It may seem silly, but it can really help. Find a nice quiet spot where you can relax with your eyes closed, free from interruptions, disruptions and distractions. If it helps, put on some music, but try to pick music that has in the past inspired your dreams of moving somewhere else.

Now just start picturing in your mind what you fantasy relocation spot would look like. The house, the neighborhood and the surrounding community. Then go further and visualize yourself waking up on a typical day. What would you do? Where would you go? Who might you see?

Either during or after this period of contemplation, write down everything that came to your mind as you picture a dream place to relocate to. Then do you your best to make that dream come true or, at the very least, to avoid relocating to its nightmarish opposite.

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