October 12 2018
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In our many, many years of moving folks from one residence to another, we can probably say we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen most of it all, that’s for sure. Our experience and expertise in move management gives us the opportunity to share our skills with the loveliest people.  Sometimes the circumstances of the move are distressing, making one of life’s most stressful situations even more so.  It is always our goal to alleviate as much of that stress as possible. In a special Sort It Out Boston blog series entitled, Smooth Moves, we are compiling some of our favorite tips to ensure that every move is smooth.

Create a plan

Be clear about what you want to accomplish so that you will be in the right frame of mind to forge ahead.  Your plan is the roadmap that will guide you through the process from start to finish.

An important part of your plan is a realistic timeline. There will be lots to do. Some tasks take longer than expected and others are more time sensitive.  Many move-related vendors require a reservation several days or weeks in advance. We have witnessed the complication, undue stress and added cost of not booking the moving company on time or the cable company to coincide with the move date. What, no TV?

Do a Little Homework

Your overall plan should include goals about the disposition of your belongings. Are you comfortable donating items or is making some money the goal? Some of the belongings that people acquire over the years are valuable; some of them are not. The market is quite different today than it was even a few years ago.  It’s a sad realization to learn your family members don’t want your cherished possessions. You may also be unpleasantly surprised to learn that your belongings are not worth as much today as when they were originally acquired. Value is relative. To illustrate this point, a client’s Hummel collection garnered an average of $6 each when sold. Do a little online research or get an expert opinion about items you want to sell. Knowing in advance will set clear expectations and avoid disappointment.

Next in this blog series, we’ll talk about the importance of having a floor plan. You won’t want to miss it.

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