Sort It Out Saves the Day and the Precious Memories

December 04 2017

Transitioning loved ones from their lifelong home is difficult enough, and when it happens unexpectedly, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. I recently worked with a family faced with just such a situation.

Taking the First Step

I received a call from a gentleman who, upon checking in on his aunt and uncle, realized that a change in their living arrangement was needed. The aging couple lived in a three-story walk-up, and family members were concerned about their ability to get up and down the stairs. Not only were they having difficulty managing the stairs, both were in failing health, struggling with self-care as well as the upkeep of the apartment. While reviewing the services Sort It Out offers, the couple’s nephew knew that hiring a senior move manager was the best way to help his aunt and uncle. Feeling relieved to have a plan in place, he scheduled an on-site complimentary consultation.  

Assessing the Landscape

Upon entering the home, it was apparent that this couple was challenged with what would be considered the simplest of daily living tasks. As we walked around the apartment, I observed rooms overrun with a variety of items – bags and boxes stacked and strewn about, notes and papers tacked to the walls and doors in every room, columns of greeting cards and clothing draped over many surfaces. Household and decorative items were included in the mix, although they were barely distinguishable among the clutter. It was plain to see that this couple, like many, had amassed a lifetime of treasures. With age and failing health, maintaining an orderly home had become nearly impossible.

Digging In

By the start of the project the couple had moved out, taking their necessary belongings with them. Our team quickly went to work determining items to be moved, stored, donated, or disposed. We began to discover envelopes, each containing various amounts of cash that, in the end, totaled an incredible amount of money. We also found several pieces of jewelry and other valuables, as well as several reels of film. While the cash was returned to the couple, we were able to sell many of the valuable items on their behalf, and worked with a local vendor to convert the reels of film to digital files. Precious memories were saved from ruin, and the couple was able to recoup funds they may not have realized were left behind.

Moving On

Once the apartment had been cleaned out, we were left with a mountain of bags deemed both donation and trash. The nephew was amazed at the transformation and so pleased with what we’d been able to accomplish, all completed prior to the deadline.

Hiring a Senior Move Manager may sound like a luxury. You may think it would be easier to do the job yourself, or maybe hire a ‘junk hauler.’ Imagine if the family had gone that route in this case? What would have happened to those envelopes, the valuables or the film? A good Senior Move Manager possesses honesty and integrity, takes the time to get to know the family, understands their priorities and implements a plan that is most beneficial to them.

At Sort It Out Boston, we make a commitment to moving your family members forward with care and compassion to the next phase of their life, whatever that may hold.