How to Start A Home Organizing Project

March 17 2014

If you are working a home organization project, whether as small as a junk drawer or as large as a basement, the best way to start is to sort your items into simple categories. By sorting your items before you take any action, it can help you take inventory of the things that you have and allow you to more clearly assess the space that you are organizing.

Use simple categories

When sorting items, keep the categories simple, like keep, toss and donate. If you are sorting a room like a garage, you can use categories that are appropriate to the space, like sports equipment, tools and gardening supplies.

Wait to take action

Fight the urge to start putting things away in different parts of the house or delving into a box of photos that you just unearthed. These actions can easily distract you. One helpful tip to stay on track is to set a timer for a short interval, like ten or twenty minutes. The ring of the buzzer is a reminder to get back to sorting.

Start small

If your project feels daunting, remember to start small. Even if your entire basement needs organizing, you can start with a closet or even a drawer. Breaking down the space into smaller projects can build your organizing confidence and move you toward to your overall project goal. After you have successfully sorted through your items, you can move on to the next steps of your home organization project, which includes donating or trashing items you no longer need and finding the best place to keep things in your newly organized space. If you and your family need to help with a home organization project, our professional organizers are ready to help you sort through the project from beginning to end. Please contact us today to get started.

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