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September 23 2015

5 Closet Tips for Men

Many organizing tips for keeping a neat closet often are directed at women but men need a well-designed and organized space, too.

  1. All closets look best with identical hangers. For men, plain, wooden hangers are my suggestion. They’re also easier on clothing. But sweaters? They’ll become misshapen. Instead, he should plan to stack his sweaters on built-in shelving.
  2. Many closets offer a space for long-hanging items, like formal dresses or coats.
February 25 2015
Dream Closet Organization

5 Closet Secrets from a Professional Organizer

Remember, I’m an organizer, so a disorganized closet doesn’t stress me out.

In fact, when I work with clients on their closets, one of the first tips I offer is about organizing systems. I also help them decide what they should keep and what should go. But best of all, I offer organizer secrets to help them maintain the beautiful masterpiece we have created by the end of our time together.

Here are a few secrets for you,